Associate professor at the DCCI of the University of Pisa. For a short scientific cv click here.
Favourite molecule: 2(s)-indoline carboxylic acid
Favourite reactions: Curtius and Hofmann rearrangements
Favourite quotes: "It could work!!" "Sarai mondo se monderai lo mondo."
Favourite book: Tractatus Theologico-Politicus, Baruch Spinoza
Favourite Beer: Belgian Kwak


Dr. Gianluca Casotti


Research Assistant on the project QUANTUM LIP, a joint adventure with Molecolab, on the design and synthesis of new functionalizable photoswitches. For a short scientific cv click here.


Fabiana Cordella

PhD Student

Fabiana is part of our doctoral school with a project on:

"De novo design and sustainable synthesis of new green materials based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid for surgical applications"

The project of Fabiana is part of a national industrial funding "PON", in collaboration with Matex Lab. Switzerland. 


Francesco Basini

Master Student

Francesco is involved in a mixed project half computational and half synthetic in collaboration with Prof. Benedetta Mennucci. He divides his work between the fumehood and the computer with daily doses of Nutella Biscuits.


Ludovica Dei

Master Student

Ludovica works on the synthesis of new amphiphilic molecules in a joint project in collaboration with Prof. Valeria Di Bussolo. She is interested in the comprehension of the self-assembly phenomena of such molecules. The Nemesis of her work is surely the occasional use of thiophenols!


Ferdinando Fierro

Master Student

Ferdinando is working on the synthesis and conformational studies of a new class of foldamers in a joint project with Prof. Gennaro Pescitelli. Among reactions and purifications He likes street basketball with friends and driving his scooter.