Gianluca Casotti PhD student - current member

Gianluca, nicknamed "Diablo", started the doctoral school in chemistry and material science in 2017, under the supervision of the late Prof. Adriano Carpita. He is now continuing his studies with Prof. Anna Iuliano. His research interest is focused on the development of new protocols for the chemo-, regio- and stereoselective formation of C-C bonds via organozinc halides and to their application to the synthesis of natural and bioactive compounds.

He is particularly fascinated by technology, informatics and.... vacuum... thanks to him we have the best performing vacuum pumps ever!


Matteo Pollastrini MSc student - current member

Matteo, nicknamed "Polla", is working on the synthesis and conformational studies of a new class of proline-mimetic oligomers. His master thesis is based on a multidisciplinar approach combining the synthetic and spectroscopic part in the SOS&PePSy lab and the computational approach in the lab of Dr. Filippo Lipparini.

He is an excellent Rugby player and a Capoeira practicing... don't mess up with him!


 Nicola Dragone Master student- current member

Nicola, nicknamed "The Dragon", is working on the synthesis of a new class of polyphenolic-peptide hybrid molecules, with potential antioxidant and antitumoral activities. His project is a collaboration with Dr. Marco Lessi of the  AOS Lab.


Filippo Petri (Bachelor student - current member) 

Filippo is working on the synthesis and conformational studies of a particular class of biomimetic molecules, with the aim to gain more insight in their self-assembly properties. 

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