Adriano Carpita was professor of organic chemistry here at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pisa. He focused his research on the development of C-C cross-coupling reactions catalzed by transition metals. He had a particular interest in the use supported catalysts and flux systems for the synthesis of natural compounds.

Since I joined the department, just 2 years ago, Adriano showed me great empathy, offering help and precious suggestions. Despite his precarious health condition, He was always enthusiast to discuss new projects and ideas. Just two weeks before he passed the way, on May the 5th 2018, we submitted a joined article with our collegues of agricultural sciences on the pheromones of olive-fruit fly. He conveyed passion for science to his students and left behind many works and ideas that I hope to contribute in bringing to light. Beyod scientific contributions, Adriano was a good man and a precious friend.