Associate professor at the DCCI of the University of Pisa. For a short scientific cv click here.
Favourite molecule: 2(s)-indoline carboxylic acid
Favourite reactions: Curtius and Hofmann rearrangements
Favourite quotes: "It could work!!" "Sarai mondo se monderai lo mondo."
Favourite book: Tractatus Theologico-Politicus, Baruch Spinoza
Favourite Beer: Belgian Kwak


Fabiana Cordella

PhD Student

Fabiana is part of our doctoral school with a project on:

"De novo design and sustainable synthesis of new green materials based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid for surgical applications"

The project of Fabiana is part of a national industrial funding "PON", in collaboration with Matex Lab. Switzerland. 


Ludovica Dei

PhD Student

Ludovica is part of our doctoral school with a project on:

"Synthesis of new chiral heavy-metal chelators for chelation therapy".


Lucio Di Nicola

Master Student

Lucio is working on the synthesis of a new class of chiral peptoids and their conformational studies through chiroptical techniques, in collaboration with Prof. Pescitelli.


Zhengming Liu

Master Student

Liu is working on the synthesis of neuropeptides mimetics of natural molecules, which will be tested for their biological activity.