The Chemobrionics conference has finished! Hosting such event was a great experience and I am grateful to the COST action, European Cooperation in Science and Technology, and to my University, for this opportunity. A hundred of scientists and young students had the opportunity to discuss and show their results. Multidisciplinary projects are difficult, researchers don't speak exactly the same language. However, it's different perspectives that nurish ideas. For example, I attended talks of physical chemistry, biology, geology and, as a synthetic organic chemist, I was struck by the many often overlooked hints that a multidisciplinary approach can bring on important synthetic issues, such carbon dioxide reduction or peptide synthesi in catalytic conditions. Last but not least, I could draw a line on my personal list of things to do: "bring an international group of scientists, for the social event, to visit the magnificient Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa, located in the ancient charterhouse of Calci".