I a thrilled and honoured to host here, at the University of Pisa (5-6-7 September) the last Chemobrionics meeting. A great chance to meet several Scientists from all over Europe, with a reach agenda of lectures!

Self-organizing precipitation processes, such as chemical gardens forming biomimetic micro- and nano-tubular forms, Self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules forming micelles, vesicles or membrane, have the potential to drastically enhance future materials design, as well as allowing us to develop new methodologies to explore, quantify and understand non-equilibrium chemical systems, and might even shed light on the conditions for the origin of life. Advances in chemobrionics require a combination of expertise in physics, chemistry, mathematical modelling, biology and engineering, as well as in nonlinear and materials sciences, giving rise to a new synergistic disipline.

If you are interested visit the website: https://www.chemobrionics.eu/pisa